⚙️Integrating Filecoin as a storage tier

Solution recipe or idea: This article presents a best practice solution for implementing Filecoin as a storage tier. Should you desire further elaboration, including additional details like possible application scenarios, alternate service options, implementation factors, or pricing suggestions, please contact us to share your feedback or find us on Filecoin slack. (#destor-rest-api-for-filecoin)

Intended audience

The primary target audience for this article comprises Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Systems Integrators (SIs), and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who are interested in integrating archive solutions using the Filecoin network as a backend. This article aims to provide insights into leveraging Filecoin's data storage capabilities and tools like the DeStor REST API for Filecoin to create efficient and reliable archive solutions.

We assume that you have a foundational understanding of data archiving and backup concepts and possess experience in working with storage and backup technologies. The guidance presented in this article will help you design and implement archival solutions using Filecoin, following established best practices and avoiding common pitfalls in the process.


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Learn more about why the DeStor Rest API for Filecoin, currently in its Alpha stage, is a seamless solution for transferring your data to the Filecoin network. Its user-friendly API makes it the perfect choice for effortless integration into your architecture.

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